Railways RRB NTPC Exam 18th April 2016 Solved GK Questions

One of the massive job selection processes of Indian Railways is about to end. The RRB NTPC exam 2016 for the recruitment of 18000 positions is currently being held across India. This year over 90 lakh candidates have applied and hence the competition is really tough & proper preparation is required to get through these exams. So here is the list of GK questions asked on April 18th so others could know about question pattern and areas covered.

Right from the start candidates usually find it difficult to crack general knowledge questions in RRB NTPC exam compared to mathematics & reasoning problems section. So after looking at the following questions, you will understand the list of GK topics to cover for this railway exam. Unlike the common opinion, it is not too hard to answer General awareness section but those scores will play a significant role in a candidate’s selection.

RRB Solved NTPC GK Questions – April 18:

1.  Egypt’s largest pyramid? The great pyramid of Giza

2.  Chera dynasty ruled in which state of india? Kerala

3.  Who succeeded balmer as a CEO of Microsoft? Satya nadella

4.  What is dry ice? Solid form of carbon dioxide

5.  Ronaldo belongs to which sport? Football

6.  Gyroscope used in which device? Smartphone

7.  Which city is called pink city? Jaipur

8.  Who invented dynamite? Alfred nobel

9.  Sound is measured in? Decibel

10.              First chinese women who went to space? Liu yang

11.              Supreme court established in which year? 1950

12.              First solar powered airport in india? Kochi

13.              Which is known as nerve centre of computer? Arithmetic Logic Unit

14.              Inventor of video games? Ralph henry baer

15.              Who won the 2015 man booker prize? Marlon james

16.              What is the full form of ATM? Automated Teller Machine

17.              Who is the queen of arabian sea? Kochi

18.              Who got padma bhushan in sports? Saina nehwal

19.              Which is india’s first defence satellite? Gsat –7

20.              Who presented union budget in 1947? R K Shanmukham chetty

21.              First railway budget submitted by? John mathai

22.              Chalk is what? calcium carbonate

23.              Harry potter series next movie name? Fantastic beasts & where to find them

24.              What is the first capital of srilanka? Anuradhapura

25.              What is the date of partition of india? 15th august 1947

26.              Who is the inventor of stainless steel? Harry brearley

27.              Where is the museum of noble prize? Sweden

28.              What is the chemical formula of ozone? O3

29.              Cricket bat is made by? Willow wood

30.              What is the venue of commonwealth games 2022? Durban,south africa

31.              Raja bhoja belongs to which dynasty? Parmara

32.              First sms sent from which network? Vodafone

33.              Who gave gurudev title to rabindranath tagore? Mahatma gandhi

34.              Rajatarangini related To which state? Jammu & Kashmir

35.              Who Invented E-mail? Shiva Ayyadurai

36.              Which Gas Exposed in Bhopal Gas Tragedy? Methyl Isocyanate     

37.              Which Country Won Maximum No.of FIFA Football Cups? Brazil

38.              Sumitra Mahajan is representing which constituency? Indore      

39.              What Is Blue Moon? An extra full Moon that appears during the year

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